Delving through the 4,651 photos on my camera roll, I came across this calligraphy poem commission I wrote for a couple to celebrate their wedding day. 

I loved writing this in a curvy modern script - it's lovely to be able to write something so fun and different! (Spot the super curly flourish on the b in 'husband', or on the y in 'away' - so much fun to write!)

Calligraphy close up flourishing

Beautiful calligraphy wedding reading

I love it when calligraphy customers trust me to create something totally unique. In this case, the poem was written by parents especially as a wedding reading, and will be a treasured heirloom in their daughter's home for many years to come.

UK calligrapher for hire modern style

I wrote this piece with a delicate Hunt 22B nib - which I'm preferring using at the moment for fine detail pieces like this. The paper was my favourite Daler Rowney heavyweight art paper.

Beautiful calligraphy poem commission

If you'd like to commission a personalised poem for a wedding reading, please get in touch! I don't create the poetry - you'll need to do that! - but I can write your words in the most beautiful lettering. 

Meanwhile, it's a day bursting full of wedding place names and floral family trees for me, so I'd better go grab my pens and get started! 

Have a lovely day.

Claire xx