As a calligrapher writing bespoke poems and wedding readings in beautiful calligraphy is my favourite thing to do. 

I've put together this gallery to show you the styles I write: they're flowing and swirly, modern and captivating to read! 

More than anything I love to write song lyrics for alternative rock and metal tunes in beautiful calligraphy. Turning something very raw and masculine into a stunning piece of flourished lettering is a kind of magic! 

There are some simpler pieces here if you're looking for a less ornate calligraphy style for your commission.

Colour is absolutely key: white or pale inks on dark background colours look amazing and really bring modern calligraphy styles to life.

Modern calligraphy in white on black with a wonderful flourished lettering style

1. (above) black paper, white ink, Counting Crows

Crowbar calligraphy lyrics for practice using white ink on black paper

2. Black paper, whtie ink, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

simple modern calligraphy style on off white paper

3. Off white paper, black ink, for Brie

Modern calligraphy lyrics in white on navy blue with ornate and playful flourishing

4. Navy paper, white ink, Your Song

Einstein quote in a formal modern calligraphy style with flourishing to finish

5. Black paper, white ink, Einstein quote

White calligraphy on sage green paper in a delicate, flourished style

6. Sage green paper, white ink, bespoke poem calligraphy

Gold calligraphy lettering in a straight up, curvy style for poems

7. Navy paper, gold ink, Hope is the thing with feathers

Ornate flourished modern calligraphy commission with gold leaf detail

8. White paper, black ink with gold leaf, The Stick-Together Families

Straight modern calligraphy style with minimal flourishing and a classic gold border illustration

9. Navy paper, gold ink, In My Life

Simple spaced modern calligraphy for a less ornate look

10. White paper, black ink, simpler style of calligraphy

Modern calligraphy in gold ink on navy blue with playful flourishing

10. Another look at that Beatles number in gold ink on blue!

If you had something special in mind for your calligraphy commission and don't see it here, please get in touch and ask!

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