Calligraphy inspired goodies from the English Lake District

by Moon & Tide began with a love of letters. Writing - as we do it less in our daily lives - is special now. It's art.

Words bring us all pleasure in wonderful little ways. We hunt Instagram for pick-me-up quotes. We listen to songs and fall in love to inspiring lyrics. We escape in the pages of our favourite books. And every now and then, we pin something to our walls to make us smile.

Our mugs, prints, totes and cushions are all designed by hand in a little at-home calligraphy studio on the edge of the English Lake District. We're a few minutes' walk from the beach; a short drive into the mountains. The landscape inspires us - you'll find us on the beach at sunrise or in the countryside at sunset when we're not at work.

by Moon & Tide began as a calligraphy service for weddings (and we still have this side of the business at and became by Moon & Tide in 2016.

Our wish is to inspire your days. Grab a coffee, sink into a cosy cushion, go treasure hunting (call it shopping if you like...) with our fab mugs, cushion covers and totes. Hang a print on the wall by your loo. Grin when you read it. Feel good!

We sell calligraphy gifts for crafty folks too... our kits will welcome you to a world of gloriously therapeutic calligraphy writing. Our workshops are fun, informal and a great day out with a friend. Join us if you can - we'd love to help you learn the art of beautiful writing.

by Moon & Tide is all about making you smile. Have a wonderful day!

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