Riding to the rescue of any last-minute Mothers Day shoppers like a plump knight on a supercharged Shetland pony... I bring you my brand new family tree

family tree for mothers day

This gorgeously green, painterly print has an interactive element too! 

Order today and you will receive:

  • A beautiful tree art print, hand finished in metallic gold paint
  • A little envelope full of mini name tags
  • A frame, if you'd like one

The family tree is yours to finish at home, so it's nice and easy to order (you just send a list of names for me to write) - and it's fun to make as well! 

make at home family tree

All the names will be written in calligraphy and cut into little tag shapes as shown in the photos. They'll have double sided tape on the back so just peel off the backing strip and stick them on to your tree!

Frames are available in 6 colours: natural or dark oak, pale beech, black, gold or copper. 

You can fit up to 30 names on the tree as well as a title. 

Your family tree can be A4 or A3 in size (I recommend A3 for anything over 15 names). 

Buy online now at https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/bymoonandtide/product/finish-at-home-personalised-family-tree-art-print

green family tree uk

family tree calligraphy buy online

family tree personalised uk

Older family trees are still available of course! There's my colourful  joyful family tree with flowers, or my favourite classic family tree with calligraphy. Both are available to buy in my Not On The High Street shop now!