... or should I say, reinventing family trees for those of us who want to find a gorgeous gift, without spending thirty years researching the details?

Don't tell anyone but... I wasn't sure about family trees when I first thought about making them. I wondered if they were just for heritage experts and Ancestry.com subscribers. I was SO wrong! They've been crazy popular!

Did you know I put my first family tree on Not On The High St. back in 2015? I was a whippersnapper at the time, dabbling with modern calligraphy (I'd been a calligrapher for 10 years, I'm a lot older than I'm trying to sound!) ... and I met Amy who painted our beautiful tree, and together we made the loveliest family tree collaboration - more than I could have dreamed it would be!

Together, Amy and I reinvented the family tree. 

Starting with her beautiful watercolour, with branches full of blossom and vibrant spring leaves, we had a page of joy right there. All I had to do was write names in my best modern calligraphy... and suddenly there was a fun family tree full of happiness and colour for people to put on their walls!

Along with the playful design comes a more informal layout. You know the old fashioned family trees, with the lines and all the markings for who's married and who's the eldest sibling and all of those death dates? They're just not what everyone is looking for in a modern family tree!

So our family tree is in a much less formal style, simply to say, "here's our family; we're all equals and every single one of us is loved." 

We're super proud to have sold countless family trees on Not On The High St. If you'd like one for your own family to treasure, they're here! 

Cheerful family tree art print - NOTHS

Framed family tree artwork in a modern calligraphy style