People come to my calligraphy workshops for all kinds of reasons. Briony was special. 

Sunday before last, I was lucky to spend a couple of hours in the company of 10 budding calligraphers at one of my calligraphy classes in Cumbria

We made swoopy shapes with our nibs, learned letter forms and joining up, and made a pretty motivational postcard to take home. It was fun.

But for Briony it was more, and after the class this wonderful lady took the time to tell me why.

Briony's husband has dementia. She's his primary carer, and has little time to herself these days. Dementia care is hard, so hard. It's not something I have personal experience of, but I know from friends it's incredibly challenging on every level. 

My calligraphy workshop was Briony's little breath of fresh air. She was mine! 

You meet people along the way in life, and I love getting out and about and showing people how modern calligraphy works. I get plenty of brides-to-be coming to my classes, and people with their own small businesses.

I also feel really humbled to know that for some people, my calligraphy workshops are a fun and relaxing little day out. They're a chance to meet friends (old and brand new), to have a chat and perhaps learn a new hobby to do at home.

To know that I'm there to provide a little calm and enjoyment to people who are going through difficult times is really special.

I would love to see Briony again. She was amazing, and she taught me there's a lot more to calligraphy than just pen and ink. 

- - - - - 

My next calligraphy workshop in Cumbria will be at Beetham Nurseries near Milnthorpe (between junctions 35 and 36 of the M6) on Friday 22nd July at 10am. 

Coffee, home baked sweet treats and friendly people will all be there for you. 

Tap this link to reserve your place!