I've been listening to a new podcast for creative businesses this last week or so. Yesterday it caused me a bit of a moment. The podcast's on YouTube and you can see the studio the guys are broadcasting from.... and it looks amazing in there. All spacious and modern and welcoming and beautifully designed. And a guest on the podcast brought it up, in a way that made me think, "oops". I thought that pretty loudly. Because he said, your creative space should be amazing and inspiring. 

I love my little studio. It's my calligraphy den, it's full of pens and brushes and art and all the little papers and tags and inks and things I use every day. I've written on the walls: when we moved in here, I wrote the last few paragraphs of my favourite book along the walls and on two big wooden panels. The words make me feel inspired, and strong, and happily different. 

I would love to show you. The photo here is the last paragraph of that book. It's on the wall, and therefore away from the mess! 

But here's the thing. I work in happy chaos. There are wedding place names everywhere, family trees in calligraphy drying on the side. Then there's ink and Etsy order slips, and boxes, and lists of names - and I know where it all is, and I can find anything in seconds. But to show the internet... perhaps people would only see the mess. 

I have a pine cone on my desk, and three rolled up autumn leaves I found. And a screwdriver. And ribbons and pencils and three calligraphy pens, and paintbrushes, and two diaries, and there are boxes behind me with these gorgeous red envelopes for my workshops, and my new batch of candles ready to photograph and make, and a box of dried flowers... 

Tidying is going to be quite the challenge, let's say. But I'm going to approach it, perhaps this weekend, from a new perspective. I'm going to make my creative space inspiring. I'm going to have all the things that make me grin on display, and all the bits and pieces in tidy boxes. And then maybe I can do what lovely Rebecca advised me last year, and embrace my creative chaos! I'd love to show you my workspace, I really would! And maybe soon I will. 

I really recommend Another Idea. It's a fab podcast by two amazing UK based wedding photographers Sam Docker and Igor Demba. They discuss stuff, they have guests... it's an inspiring listen! My mind is now full of tips and ideas, and I'm already pondering ways I can improve my habit of juggling everything I do! 

Calligraphy modern lettering on wood panel UK

My favourite book, by the way, is by Megan Lindholm. Megan also writes as Robin Hobb, and my other favourite book is a series of ... 12? fantasy novels beginning with The Farseer Trilogy. They're pure escapism, geniusly plotted and beautifully written. 

The extracts on my walls and around my studio are from Cloven Hooves