Couples who choose paper wedding invitations over digital invites are often stationery lovers. Calligraphy is a popular way to make a first impression!

Finding a beautifully addressed envelope in amongst the junk mail and bills can really brighten someone's day!

wedding envelope with a uk address handwritten in calligraphy by Claire Gould

I studied Marketing as a degree. Most Marketing degrees at the time were Arts degrees, but mine was a Bachelor of Science. I studied consumer psychology and the science of how people respond to design and messages. A few years on, and I can apply what I learned to the importance of beautifully designed invitations to make your guests feel excited about coming to your wedding, weeks or months before the big day itself!

It's all about stopping them in their tracks by showing them something unique and different. Calligraphy envelopes for the win!

Luxury wedding envelopes in the UK from By Moon and Tide

I pour my heart into addressing every envelope. I mix my inks with care, prepare a new calligraphy nib for every order, and practice my swooshes and swirls at the beginning of every session. Why? Because I'm aiming for doorstep delight with every envelope that lands at one of your wedding guest's feet.

How to order envelope calligraphy for your wedding

Send me an email to let me know you’re interested in my services, and we’ll start our conversation from there.

Email me:

Or you can call me: 01229 465 064

It’s helpful if you tell me:

  • your wedding date
  • your colour themes
  • what bits you’d like (just envelope calligraphy is fine, or perhaps you're curious about place names and a seating plan as well?)

I will get back to you within a day or so and give you prices and timings - and answer any questions you may have.